I recently read a book by Elizabeth Smart, My Story, She was a girl who was kidnapped in her early teens and was abused for 9 months before returning home. One thing I was surprised to hear in her story was how in some of her darkest moments, she counted her blessings. What?? After her darkest moments she was grateful to be alive and she would start a list in her head.

I don’t think I could have done that in that particular situation. What I can tell you is that in my trials, I used to panic and have anxiety and think things like, ‘This is NEVER going to change’, ‘I’m going to live with this FOREVER’, ‘How could this happen to me?!’, etc. I could keep going, but let’s stop there, these were the most popular.

I don’t remember exactly when the change happened, I think it started with me correcting my thoughts, which I’ve mentioned here about how I reprogrammed myself. Then when I didn’t have these negative thoughts consume me I could see what I had. I may not have a few things I expected to have in my life but I do have:

My husband who endeavors to support and love me in all that I do

I have a beautiful home which we have lived in since we first got married

I have a running vehicle and I’m not constantly paying for repairs

My daughter was born alive and today is the most incredible individual I’ve been blessed to meet

Modern technology which brought both of my children into this world living

A son who is lovable and will be quite the adventurer

The opportunity to get the help I needed for me to be able to make the changes I wanted but didn’t know how to do

Friends who are supportive

This is just what came to my mind now. I have so much more and am blessed beyond measure. I guarantee you are as well.

I want to challenge you to make a list of blessings. If you don’t want to write them, there is an app you can get called gratitude journal, you can track your list there. Start off by just writing something once a day. I promise you that if you’re diligent this will make an impact in your life for the better. Try this for a least a month, consider how your mind feels and even your body. I’d love to hear of your results.

I hope in sharing what has helped me in my journey that you can  find something that helps you in some way.


I’m looking for someone willing to share their story for the end of this month. Email me at if you’re ready.