Family Culture and Traditions 

In my home growing up we had typical traditions for Thanksgiving and Christmas, a few not holiday traditions like getting a few new things at the beginning of the school year and dinner prayers, but we never celebrated much else. Since I’ve been married I’ve loved the idea to celebrate each holiday, I’m not very good at it though! It takes extra effort to decorate and celebrate when it’s not something I’m used to doing. 

A friend this past Halloween was sharing how her family does this Halloween dinner every year and her mom dresses as a witch, how much fun does that sound?? My children would think it was hilarious! I had never heard of such an idea but I loved it and it has stayed with me. 

Just recently I listened to a webinar from the Power Of Moms blog that I follow (they also do podcasts for anyone who loves them like I do), one part stuck out to me about family culture and traditions. They asked what makes being in your family so special? Why should your child enjoy being in your family? They then went on to share how family traditions bond a family and having something special just for our family creates a uniqueness for us. *light bulb!* 

This is something I’ve wanted for my family, I’ve been working towards creating a bond between my children this past year. I feel as if my own siblings and I don’t have a strong bond, we love each other but we rarely talk and it’s usually through our parents. Because of this I want to create moments for our family to have a bond, I don’t feel as if it just happens. I feel the need to be intentional about it. 

The traditions I’ve been brainstorming about center around our daily, weekly and monthly life. We say daily prayers together, daily scripture reading, weekly family fun activities and something I want to do soon is individual parent-child dates. Monthly traditions include holidays. For this month I’m wanting to do something special for my family. I found this neat idea spreading around on Facebook where for the first 14 days of February makes little hearts with a reason why you love your child and hang it up where they can find it, so I started that this morning, even for my husband! I also want to give them a small card and candy on the actual holiday, I rarely got one outside of school as a kid and I think my children would love it (especially since we’re out of Christmas candy). Last thing I think I want to do, but worried it’s too much for me to remember and do is make a pink breakfast on Valentine’s Day. There is a recipe I’ve saved on Pinterest for pink cinnamon rolls, which I think would be fun! We’ll see if I get there haha 

In my world of imperfection I think the brightest spots in my life is my family so I’m making sure I do what I can to strengthen us; at the end of the day they are my everything. 

Please share your family traditions of what you do to bond and I challenge you to think of new things to add to do with your family. Share in the comments below ❤ 


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